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Business Partners


Microsoft Corporation

As a world leader in software for personal and business computing, Microsoft's vision is to empower people through innovative software products and services that meet their customers' evolving needs. Microsoft's long-term approach to research and development, combined with its constant efforts to anticipate customer needs, improve quality and reduce costs enable them to deliver the best products and technologies. InterCare DX, Inc. is a Microsoft Solutions Provider.


CGI Communications Services

CGI Communications Services, a division of Meridian Holdings, Inc.,specializes in providing cost-effective turnkey support for implementation and operation of Telemedicine and other information technology services in health care and associated environments including providers at all levels, insurance carriers, pharmaceutical and clinicalresearch.


Veritech Corporation

Veritech Corporation specializes in custom and preproduced staff education, CME and CEU programming for hospital and clinic employees. Patient EDU, LLC, a subsidiary of Veritech Corporation, is a leading developer and marketer of patient education software programs for healthcare providers. Patient EDU's products aim to enhance patient/provider communication throughout the continuum of care. From the waiting room to the exam room, during pre-op, post-op and beyond, Veritech's programs promote understanding, consent, compliance and recovery.


Visible Productions, Inc.

Visible Productions has developed the world's most extensive library of 3D digital anatomy. This
powerful resource takes learners beyond the confines of a flat printed page, into an interactive, three-dimensional environment where spatial relationships and events that happen over a period of time can
be fully explored. Physiological processes from the molecular level to the entire body systems have been created as part of award winning custom biomedical animations, multimedia programs and print images for clients worldwide.


Excel-Medical Electronics, Inc.

Excel-Medical Electronics Inc. ( is a privately held medical engineering company with extensive experience in product design for the cardiology and vascular equipment industry. The company is located in Jupiter, Florida. The company's mission is to provide innovative and cost effective products to the medical community.

Investor Relations

InterCare DX, Inc.,currently trades under the stock symbol "ICCO". To view a current stock quote and other information related to the company's stock, click here.

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INTERCARE DX, INC., Is committed to providing seven day, 24-Hour support to our clients. Support is available from product specialists directly involved with clients through our web site. 


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